TM300 Discontinued

We continually review our product ranges to ensure that they are appropriate for the applications they were designed for.

A review of our Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Range has resulted in the discontinuing of the TM300 range with immediate effect.

 Alternative products:

15mm and 22mm compression connections valves are also available in our TM200VP Range which remain available

 The TM200VP TMVs:

 The Honeywell TM200VP is a TMV3 scheme approved thermostatic mixing valve, suitable for controlling point of use hot water temperature in high risk applications such as hospitals,

Healthcare premises and nurseries.

 TMV3 valves are considered to provide a higher level of protection against scalding.

 Features and benefits of the TM200VP Range

• Proven thermal element for accurate hot water temperature control

• Calibrated setting dial for easy hot water temperature setting

• Scald protection, automatically shuts off if cold water fails

• Inner components are made of scale resistant materials

• ‘4 in 1’ variant includes check valves, strainers, isolating valves and test points

 Sizes 15mm and 22mm compression connections

 Honeywell Product Codes

TM200VP - 3/4 E - Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) with 15mm compression connections, inlet check valves and instructions

TM200VP - 3/4 H - As above, but 22mm connections

TM200VP - 3/4 ZC - TMV with 15mm compression connections and 4 in 1 tailpiece*

TM200VP - 3/4 ZD - As above, but 22mm connections*

TM200A - 35/46 - Replacement thermostatic insert

* Inlet connections may be rotated to suit. 4 in 1 tailpiece provides isolation, strainer, check valve and Test Points. Inlet valves on 15mm version are fitted with levers.