We are the leading suppliers of domestic heating and combustion controls in the UK with products that include time, temperature, gas and water controls.

Our product range is designed to provide the homeowner with the best in comfort, energy and health solutions.

VA650A1010 3/8" x 10mm nut & olive set. VA650A1215 1/2" x 15mm nut & olive set. VA650A2022 3/4" x 22mm nut & olive set. VA3500A001 Draining adaptor (all valves). VA2501A010 DN25 - DN40 valves Tamperproof cap.VA2501A032 DN32 - DN50 valves Tamperproof cap.
Draining AdapterVA3400A001 - For all sizes.Thermal ActuatorVA2400A001 - For all sizes, temperature setting range 50 to 60‚°C.VA2400B001 - For all sizes, temperature setting range 40 to 65‚°C.Note: Thermal disinfection is supported by thermal actuator 50 to 60‚°C (VA2400A001) with pre...
DU146-AHA Replacement pressure indicator glass assembly for DU146.
D05FA1/2 B Valve insert complete for D05F (without filter). All sizes (1/2" - 1"). ES05F1/2 A Filter insert for D05F. All sizes (1/2" - 1").