The VT117 'Traditional' TRV is popular within the domestic market, due to its proven reliability.

Its easy to grip TRV head, energy saving 'green' button and unobtrusive design make it suitable for any heating installation.

According to Building Regulations Part L1 thermostatic radiator valves should be fitted "on all radiators except in rooms with a room thermostat" to satisfy either Minimum or Best Practice installations. The valve can be mounted vertically or horizontally at either end of a radiator. To work correctly, the VT117 should be installed to a two pipe heating system and also have a free flow of air around the head to sense temperature.



  • Approved to EN215
  • Bi-directional flow design
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Easy to grip TRV head
  • Energy saving 'green' button
  • Wax sensor
  • Frost setting
  • Positive shut off
  • Integral radiator balancing insert  



  • The Honeywell service tool allows the TRV inset removal, cleaning and replacement without draining down system


Part Numbers Type Size Pattern
VT117D-1/2EG Traditional TRV 15mm Compression Straight
VT117E-1/2AG Traditional TRV 8mm Compression Angled
VT117E-1/2BG Traditional TRV 10mm Compression Angled
VT117E-1/2EG Traditional TRV 15mm Compression Angled
VT117EPFE-1/2BG Traditional TRV 10mm Pushfit Angled


  • Range stops available separately
  • VT117 heads interchangeable with evohome HR80UK heads