VH200 Manual & L/S Valve

Part of the VT200 family, the VH200 is a matching manual radiator valve which can be converted to a lockshielf valve with the accessory provided. The VT200 head can be swapped with the VH200 head without the need to drain-down the heating system if the VT200 is blocked by furniture or curtains, for example.


An integral radiator balancing insert retains the balancing setting when the TRV and lockshield valves and closed for cleaning, decorating etc.


The VH200 is an ideal radiator valve to use with the evohome electronic radiator controllers, HR80UKs, when upgrdaing heating systems. 



  • Dual function manual valve and lockshield in one body
  • Bi-directional flow design
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Positive shut off
  • Integral radiator balancing insert
  • Simple upgrade to thermostatic valve or evotouch without draining system



  • The Honeywell service tool allows the TRV inset removal, cleaning and replacement without draining down system


Part Number Type Size Pattern
VH200E-1/2E Classic Manual/Lockshield 15mm Compression Angled