Fan Control & Limit Thermostats

Fan Control and Limit Thermostats are used in 'warm air' heating system applications.


2013 Specifications
L4064B2210/U Available
L4064B2228/U Available
L4064B2236/U Available
L4064R1134/U Available
L4064R1142/U Available
L4064R1159/U Available
Before 2013 Specifications
L4064B2210/B Available to OEM Channel
L4064B2210 Replaced by L4064B2210/U
L4064B2236/U Obsolete
L4064B3036/U Obsolete
L4064B3085/B Obsolete
L4064N1066/B Obsolete
L4064N1074/B Obsolete
L4064N1157/B Obsolete
L4064N1165/B Obsolete
L4064N1199/B Obsolete



Attached specification sheet contains complete information on changes to new versions.